Aepsy Community Standards

The human being at the center

We at Aepsy believe that every person carries a universe in their heart that bathes the outside world in grey or bright colors. If we find access to our universe and ourselves, autumn becomes spring and rain becomes sunshine. You initiate this process together with us - one person at a time.

This process is based on trust. Your trust in Aepsy, Aepsy's trust in you, your trust in the client and their trust in you. To create this basis of trust, we have introduced these community standards. They are intended to serve as a guide to behavior and set out the values that are the foundation of the Aepsy community.


Working with clients via Aepsy

Aepsy stands for early support instead of (too) late intervention. We support and encourage everyone who wants to take care of their psyche (preventively) and therefore address self-payers with and without additional insurance - the Aepsy clients. Clients who are referred by Aepsy should feel safe, comfortable and picked up by you. We trust your abilities and your expertise, but we would like to give you a few points that are close to our hearts.

People at the center

At Aepsy, we want to put people at the center, not their diagnosis or illness. The relationship between the client and the psychological provider is the most important factor. Therefore, you should meet the client openly and empathically and pick up their needs, wishes and goals. Some of your clients are receiving psychological support for the first time and need explanations regarding the procedure.

Limits of your possibilities

It is important to us to be able to offer the right psychological support to everyone. Therefore, we ask you to honestly assess and respect the limits of your own therapeutic or counseling abilities. If you are confronted with client distress that is beyond your professional capabilities in terms of complexity or intensity, we ask that you draw on our network of mental health providers and refer the client to appropriate alternative support.

Trust, Relationship and Community

Aepsy Matching is designed to support you in your relationship work with your clients and to initiate trust on both sides. However, various factors may prevent you from initiating a sustained relationship with the client:in. If you have this feeling in conversation with the client, we ask you to address this. You are also free to reject clients after a request. However, we encourage you to include the person behind the request in this action. Rejecting a client can cause lasting damage to the trust in psychological providers and should be carefully considered. If necessary, you can refer to a suitable colleague using our community and network referral.


Aepsy is a platform that serves as an intermediary between clients and psychological providers. We support you and your clients in administrative matters, simplify billing and processing. However, the responsibility for the process and the content of the psychological support lies with you as an independent psychologist. You are the expert and know how to support your clients in the best possible way. Further bookings and communication with the client will be handled by Aepsy, but should be carefully initiated by you. If clients have billing problems or other questions, you as the Expert:in will be the first to go - with the full support of the Aepsy team.

Conflicts of interest with Aepsy

As already described, Aepsy is committed to preventive psychological support and is mainly aimed at self-payers with or without supplementary insurance. This also means that it is not possible to bill the basic insurance (compulsory health insurance OKP) through Aepsy. We want to prevent clients from being disappointed, rejected and misdirected via Aepsy. We therefore inform about this fact in several places on the platform. Psychological providers who disregard this requirement are in violation of this policy. We ask you to respect our mission and not to bill Aepsy clients through the basic insurance. In case of disregard of our request, Aepsy reserves the right to charge a fee for the referral of the client.


Aepsy as your platform

Aepsy offers you the possibility as a psychological provider:in to offer your services online for appointments online or on-site. The work via the Aepsy platform and especially the sessions in the online setting bring great opportunities and challenges. We would like to emphasize the following points in particular.

Work in the virtual practice

Even if clients do not physically enter your practice, but only virtually, they should feel safe and secure from the beginning. This requires appropriate preparations on your part. Make sure that

  • a stable internet connection is available.
  • your working device has enough battery.
  • you are undisturbed during the session.
  • your background is neutral and appropriate.

Please always prepare your sessions as if your client were entering a physical office. Online or on-site, your session should be a safe place for the client.

Communication, punctuality and cancellations of your sessions.

Your client:s rely on you. That is why we ask you to respond to your clients as soon as possible and within 48 hours. For an online session as well as for an on-site session, the client should arrive at the virtual office on time. In case of scheduling conflicts, illness or other reasons for an impossible fulfillment of the attendance and punctuality, we ask you to communicate this as early as possible to the client and to reschedule the appointment.

The confidentiality of your session

Aepsy ensures that your chats, audio and video calls through the platform are encrypted and secure. This way we ensure that all psychological provider:s, all client:s and their data are protected . We trust that you also guarantee on your side the privacy, professional due diligence and confidentiality towards your clients at all times. Please also note that your sessions must be conducted in a quiet environment without anyone listening in. Please do not use the names of clients when communicating with Aepsy staff. We can use anonymized metadata (such as date of appointment, etc.) to resolve many ambiguities.


Collaboration and exchange

In addition to serving as an intermediary between you as a mental health provider and client, we also want to foster community among our mental health providers on Aepsy.

Be part of the Aepsy community

To ensure a positive exchange within the Aepsy community, we ask that you always treat each other with respect and professionalism. It makes us very happy if you share your experience and knowledge with the Aepsy Community and thus make an important contribution to promoting the quality of all. If you have any questions or uncertainties, please feel free to contact the community and seek advice from other mental health providers.

Aepsy supports you

Are you unsure about something, don't know what to do or feel alone? Contact us at any time and we will take care of your concerns. It is important to us that you do not feel left alone or overwhelmed. We are there for you - for any questions.

Do you have any concerns?

If you feel that someone is violating the Community Standards or the Aepsy Agreements, contact the Aepsy team at any time. Our guidelines are also constantly being developed, refined and deepened. If there are any changes, we will keep you informed through all available channels.

The trust to you, safety and quality is close to our heart.

The freedom in your
Experience independence

The Aepsy platform offers absolute flexibility in an all-in-one platform for you and your clients.

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