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Raffaela Witting

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Expert in couples therapy

"Couples therapy offers the space to rediscover strengths together, face challenges and grow as a team."

Isabel Sattler

+5 years of experience

Expert in couples therapy

"In therapy, I take on the role of a mediator who uses professional input to create a new and expanded space for dialogue."

Romina Reginold

+10 years of experience

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The benefits of couples therapy for you and your partner.

Create space for togetherness

Enjoy intimate moments

In the midst of hectic everyday life, there is often little room for intimacy. But moments of togetherness are crucial for a partnership - couples therapy offers you support to rediscover and strengthen this valuable connection.

Overcome crises together

Stick together in difficult times

The true strength of your relationship is revealed in challenging times. The experience of overcoming crises through mutual support not only strengthens your trust in your partner, but also in your future together.

Has the butterfly feeling faded?

Find the spark together again

Is everyday life setting in and the initial butterfly feeling has faded? Couples therapy can help you to recognise the quality of your relationship and give you input on how you can continue to grow together.

Look to the future together

Grow together - developing as individuals

A partnership is about developing together, deepening your bond with each other and creating space for individual development. Couples therapy supports you on the path to a fulfilling relationship.

Emotional intimacy as the key to deep connection

Live together in harmony

In partnerships, personal characteristics and behavioural patterns sometimes hinder harmonious coexistence. A neutral therapeutic space for discussion can help people to show themselves vulnerably and enter into an authentic, deep connection with each other.

Overcome deadlocked situations

Discover patterns and reach an understanding

Couples therapy helps to discover and break through reaction patterns. Through this understanding of individual behaviour patterns, ways of constructive communication emerge. This paves the way for a partnership.

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The goals of couples therapy are as varied as the individual needs of a couple. The overarching goal is typically to improve the quality of the relationship and maintain it in the long term.

Various goals can be pursued during couples therapy, such as improving communication, overcoming conflicts, strengthening intimacy and sexuality or breaking through deadlocked communication patterns. However, therapy also aims to help couples in happy relationships to develop further, overcome challenges together and strengthen their partnership.

The aim of couples therapy is not always to make the couple happy and content again. Sometimes couples therapy also leads to a couple recognising and learning to go separate ways. However, this does not mean that the therapy has failed. For some couples, separation is more of an opportunity to develop individually.

Couples therapy is suitable for couples in crisis situations as well as for those who are satisfied in their relationship. Generally, it is intended for all couples who want external support to bring positive changes in their relationship.

Couple therapy is often sought during challenging phases of life in order to resolve existing conflicts and overcome crises. For so-called "high-conflict couples", the support of a psychological specialist makes sense. Guy Bodenmann, couples therapist and professor of clinical couple and family psychology at the University of Zurich, advises: "It's high time to do something when you start to see the other person as a difficult person."

Nevertheless, happy couples who are facing significant life changes, such as parenthood or retirement, also receive valuable support from couples therapy. The same applies to couples who want to grow together or who are asking themselves how they want to shape their future life path.

Finally, the therapeutic framework offers the couple the opportunity to have a neutral discussion space in which a specialist provides professional support.

Is there a crisis in your relationship, but your partner doesn't want to go to couples therapy? This scenario is by no means unusual. The initiative for couples therapy often comes from one partner. In such situations, it is crucial to communicate openly.

Talk to your partner about your wishes and concerns. Suggest that you look together for a therapist who suits you both. Perhaps a short introductory talk with the therapist can help to clarify any uncertainties, doubts or fears. If your partner is still hesitant, you should show understanding.

One option could also be to go to individual sessions first and involve your partner at a later stage. However, it is important that you give your partner time and don't pressure them to make a quick decision. By being sensitive to his/her concerns and respecting them, you lay the foundation for the joint decision to start couples therapy.

The terms couples therapy, couples counseling and couples coaching are used almost interchangeably. Although these services generally pursue similar goals - namely to help couples overcome challenges and improve their relationship - there are certain differences.

Couples therapy takes a comprehensive and holistic view of relationships. Both the causes and possible long-term dynamics are analysed. This is often a longer process. In contrast, couples counseling focuses on concrete, situational challenges and offers specific tools to deal with current stresses.

It is important to emphasise that the terms "couples therapist", "couples counsellor" or "couples coach" are not protected. This means that basically anyone can call themselves these. Before you as a couple trust a specialist, it is therefore advisable to find out exactly what their qualifications are.

At Aepsy, all psychologists and psychotherapists undergo a careful selection process. In addition, only psychological psychotherapists and psychologists who are recognised in Switzerland and have several years of practical experience with couples are recommended.

No, not every psychologist is automatically a couples therapist.

Psychologists have completed a degree in psychology, but do not always have training as a psychotherapist. After studying psychology, a psychotherapist has undergone several years of further psychotherapy training. And although many trained psychotherapists also offer couples therapy, it should be noted that they are not automatically qualified to do so. Additional training as a couples therapist is required in order to meet the specific requirements of couples therapy.

Before you as a couple put yourself in the hands of a professional, it is therefore crucial to ensure that they have the necessary professional qualifications. Aepsy only provides you with qualified psychologists and psychotherapists who are recognised in Switzerland and have experience in working with couples.

Couples therapy can be useful in various situations - whether it is to overcome common challenges or to solve existing relationship problems. Opting for therapy or counseling can pave the way to a healthier relationship.

Recurring arguments, complaining or severe dissatisfaction can be indications that a couple may benefit from the support of a mental health professional. If these patterns are recognized, a couples therapist can help to break them.

Couples often only seek help when there are already deep cracks in the relationship. But even if the decision to separate has already been made, couples therapy can provide support. Specialised professionals offer targeted advice during the separation process.

Couples therapy is not only advisable in crisis situations, but in many cases also as a preventative measure. For example, when couples want to improve their communication or strengthen their already happy relationship. Couples therapy can help lay the foundations for a fulfilling partnership at any stage of the relationship.

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