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Martin, 42 and HR specialist

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"It's not our feelings that are the problem, but the way we relate to them."

Nathalie à Porta

+10 years of experience


"Those who are looking for support are not 'weak', but those who have already carried many things in their lives are 'strong'."

Antje Preibisch

+10 years of experience


"Self-acceptance means viewing any of your own behaviours as the best solution for dealing with a particular situation."

Mario Schnyder

+10 years of experience

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The benefits of early therapeutic support for your life's journey.

Learn to understand and love yourself

Self-love and acceptance

Gaining insight into your own feelings and thought patterns is the key to understanding yourself better. A psychotherapist will help you find the path to more self-love and acceptance.

Recognise triggers, break behavioural patterns

Break unhealthy behaviour patterns

In therapy, you learn to recognise your triggers at an early stage in order to break through obstructive behaviour patterns. This enables a deeper understanding of yourself and lead to more self-care.

Refresh your zest for life

Refresh your zest for life

Do you feel without energy and lack joy in your everyday life? Find support in therapy to bring more lightness, energy and satisfaction into your life.

Find emotional balance

Find emotional balance

Find balance and deal with strong emotions in a constructive way - therapy can offer you support with this. Learn to find your inner balance in a safe environment.

Maintain and deepen relationships

Maintain and deepen relationships

The need for attachment and love is deeply rooted in every human being. Whether in the form of individual or couples therapy: with the support of a psychotherapist, you will learn how to build healthy relationships and maintain them in the long term.

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Psychotherapy can be helpful when emotions, thoughts or behaviours impair personal well-being or quality of life. Mental stress can often manifest itself in physical symptoms. Therefore, it can be beneficial to seek professional support from a psychotherapist in the event of physical symptoms without a medical cause.

Psychotherapy can make a valuable contribution not only to coping with current stress or crises, but also to personal development or prevention. However, when it comes to more severe stress, more complex problems and behavioural patterns, or even if there is a diagnosis, we recommend to directly visit a local psychotherapist instead of booking online therapy.

The goal of a consultation with a psychotherapist is to support people in difficult phases of their lives and alleviate emotional suffering. A consultation offers targeted support in dealing with challenges and promotes positive changes in thinking and behaviour in order to break dysfunctional patterns. An equally important goal is to promote personal development and health. Therapy creates a space that enables the improvement of individual well-being and positive further development.

The decision on how often you book a therapy session is extremely individual and is influenced by various factors. The goals you have set, the topics and your cooperation during and between therapy sessions play a decisive role. Financial considerations are also important.

Psychotherapy can lead to a limited number of sessions or last for several months or years. The exact frequency and total number of sessions are determined in consultation with the psychotherapist. This alignment makes it possible to flexibly adapt the therapy plan to the needs and progress of each individual person.

In general, a therapy session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. This amount of time provides enough space to thoroughly address the issues and allows an effective psychotherapeutic experience. Aepsy's budget planner will help you to better estimate the time and cost of your psychotherapy or psychological coaching.

To benefit the most from psychotherapy, it is crucial to go into sessions with an open mind. Be willing to accept new suggestions and ideas, even if they seem unfamiliar or scary at first. Be actively engaged and make an effort to integrate the strategies from therapy into your everyday life. Honesty with yourself and your psychotherapist is also fundamentally important.

Active participation in the sessions promotes the success of the therapy. Try to attend therapy sessions regularly, even if it is sometimes challenging to deal with your own thoughts and emotions. At Aepsy, you have the option of doing your therapy online. This gives you flexibility, especially if you currently lack the capacity or strength to attend the sessions on site. Aepsy also provides you with supporting materials to help you benefit even more from psychotherapy.

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