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“People quickly call in a business coach. However, when it comes to a psychological coach or psychotherapist, many people still have hesitation.”

Andrea, photographer from Zurich

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"I support you in recognising and using your personal resources in challenging situations."

Dr. Karin Hammerfald

+10 years of experience


"In me you will find an honest and warm-hearted therapist who will motivate you to achieve your goals."

Faye Dellar

+10 years of experience


"The great thing about my job is seeing the changes that people are capable of."

Romina Reginold

+10 years of experience

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The benefits of psychological coaching and therapy for you and your life path.

Recognise and build your own strengths

Recognise and build your own strengths

Recognising and building your own strengths is an important step towards leading a fulfilled life. Our psychologists support you in discovering your potential and developing it in a targeted manner.

Learn to deal with challenges

Learn to deal with challenges

Sometimes you encounter situations in life that present you with challenges. The support of a mental health professional can help you to recognise your own resources and strengthen your conflict management.

Communicate better with your loved ones

Communicate better with your loved ones

Improved communication can help you have more harmonious relationships. Learn to talk about your own needs and feelings in order to resolve misunderstandings and conflicts in a constructive way.

Healthy and balanced life

Healthy and balanced life

Investing in your own mental health can strengthen your own resilience and well-being. Therapy offers you the space to reflect on everyday issues, strengthen your resources and break unhealthy behavioural patterns in a preventive way.

Psy. Coaching or Therapy?

Psychological Coaching

(from CHF 69/30min)

  • Rather situational challenges in life
  • Not for chronic mental illnesses
  • Tendency to be goal and solution oriented
  • With psychologists / psychotherapists
  • Online and / or in practice location


(from CHF 150.-/h)

  • Rather comprehensive and extensive
  • Rather more complex challenges in life
  • Rather medium to long-term
  • Only with psychotherapists
  • Online and / or in practice location

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The goal of psychological support is to assist you in your personal development. Our concern is to provide you with a safe space where you can open up and talk about your challenges, fears, and concerns.

A successful therapy allows you to better recognise your strengths and learn to handle your weaknesses appropriately. Our offering is designed to help you understand yourself better, strengthen your emotional and mental capabilities, and lead a fulfilling life.

Support from a recognised psychologist or psychotherapist allows you to engage in discussions on important topics and address personal challenges. In our opinion, it is beneficial for anyone seeking personal development. Mental well-being is just as crucial as physical health.

Many people engage in regular physical activity to stay healthy and fit, clear their minds, or achieve personal goals. Therapy and psychological coaching work in a similar way. Taking a proactive approach to caring for your mental health contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

Psychological coaching is generally intended for individuals seeking support with a specific concern, which may arise in both personal and professional contexts. Psychologists provide you with tools to address and change your issue.

On the other hand, therapy supports individuals who aim for long-term development, want to understand the underlying causes of their mental challenges, or seek better ways to cope with stressors. Therapy is suitable for everyone – a diagnosis is not necessarily required to seek therapeutic assistance.

The training to become a psychotherapist is legally regulated and extends far beyond coaching education. In Switzerland, the title of psychotherapists is a protected professional designation that requires a rigorously defined educational path.

Aepsy offers various forms of therapy and settings, providing support for individuals (psychological coaching and psychotherapy) as well as families or couples.

Aepsy assists you with matching, ensuring that everyone finds a suitable psychologist. We provide guidance for mental health, covering everything from video technology to engaging content and payment – allowing you to fully focus on your coaching or therapy session.

One advantage is that you can draw from a wide network of psychologists throughout Switzerland. You have the opportunity to find the most suitable psychologists for your needs, regardless of your location.

Additionally, you can conveniently conduct individual sessions from the comfort of your own home, where you feel comfortable and secure. This creates an environment that allows you to open up more and benefit from psychological coaching or therapy.

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