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“I knew that becoming a mother would be a challenge, but with the support of my therapist, I had the right guidance during this situation.”

Sara from Bern

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"Children are our future! I will help you provide a safe haven for them to discover the world."

Brigitte Kainz

+10 years of experience

Family expert

"I find joy in accompanying people on their path and help them achieve their goals."

Dr. Jasmin Gygi

+5 years of experience

Family expert

"I support you in the transition from being a couple to becoming a family, as well as during the first years of life."

Isabel Sattler

+5 years of experience

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Benefits of family therapy, for you and your loved ones.

Family therapy creates a safe space

Family therapy creates a safe space

Family therapy creates a safe space to address challenges, share emotions and promote understanding. Professional guidance creates a safe space to discuss difficult issues and find solutions together.

The challenge of a patchwork family

Mastering a patchwork family

Living together in a patchwork family is a challenge: new family structures, different personalities and different communication patterns. Family therapy helps you grow as a family unit.

Create a positive environment for children

Create a positive environment for children

Through a loving environment, clear communication and supportive behaviour, parents create a breeding ground for the healthy development of their children. This enables their children to grow up in a fulfilling environment in which their personality can blossom.

Recognise family needs and behavioural patterns

Understand family dynamics

Each family member has individual needs, which can lead to tension. Family therapy helps you recognise these needs and find solutions together through communication and understanding - for a strong family bond.

Identify common values and create understanding

Shared values as the basis for change

Recognise shared values, bridge differences and create a supportive environment - family therapy addresses deeply held beliefs, which enables mutual understanding and provides the basis for future growth.

Support children with sensitivity

Support children with sensitivity

Interpreting correctly and responding appropriately to children's signals is essential. Parental sensitivity forms the foundation for a secure parent-child bond and has a positive effect on the psychological well-being of children and young people.

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Family therapy and parent counseling are two approaches in the field of psychological support for families that cannot always be clearly distinguished from one another.

Parent counseling focuses more on the specific challenges of parenting and provides support with specific parenting issues. Its aim is to provide parents with the necessary tools for successful parenting.

Family therapy, on the other hand, aims to understand and improve family dynamics. Dysfunctional patterns are identified and the development of functional interactions is encouraged. Family therapy can also have a supportive effect if a family member is suffering from a mental disorder or physical illness and this is putting a strain on the family.

Both family therapy and parent counseling are valuable tools for supporting families in times of stress. The psychologists at Aepsy are qualified for both family therapy and parent counseling. You choose the right approach for your needs in consultation with the specialist. This flexibility enables personalised support that meets the individual challenges of your family.

There are various therapeutic approaches in family therapy. Family therapy is often based on systemic psychotherapy. However, other therapeutic approaches, such as psychoanalysis or behavioural therapy, are also applied with families.

Choosing the right therapeutic approach for you and your family depends on your individual needs. However, more important than the specific therapeutic approach is that you find a specialist who suits you and with whom you feel comfortable and in good hands. The therapeutic relationship significantly contributes to the success of your therapy.

The duration of a family therapy session is individual for each family and depends on the issue & needs. In general, one session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. However, the exact time depends on the desired and required support.

Positive changes can often be seen after just a few sessions. For more complex issues, therapy can extend over a longer period of time in order to achieve long-lasting improvements. Overall, family therapy can last from a few weeks to several months or even longer.

The frequency of the sessions and the family's commitment to actively participate and implement the recommended changes also influence the duration of the therapeutic process.

The goals of family therapy are to improve family dynamics, resolve conflicts and strengthen communication within the family. The family therapist helps to recognise negative behaviour and communication patterns and encourages the family to develop new perspectives and solutions. The aim is to promote healthy family life through positive changes on an individual and family level.

Since the term "family therapy" is not protected, it is important that you are informed about the qualifications of the specialist before you confide in them with a family concern. At Aepsy, all psychologists and psychotherapists undergo a careful selection process to ensure that they meet the requirements of family therapy. In addition, Aepsy selects only psychotherapists and psychologists who are recognised in Switzerland and have several years of practical experience with families and parents.

Not all family members have to be present during family therapy. The therapy setting can be adapted flexibly to the current needs of the family and can vary over the course of the therapy.

It can be useful to involve all family members in order to gain a comprehensive insight into the family dynamics. Nevertheless, the focus of the therapy can also be on one parent, the parental relationship or the parents with the child. The decision on who takes part in a session is made together with the therapist and the family members.

It is crucial that all family members feel comfortable in the chosen setting. This is why Aepsy also offers the option to conduct family therapy online. In this way, the family can work on positive changes from the comfort of their own home. Aepsy also offers the option of combining online therapy and sessions at the practice location.

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