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“I think it's important to realise that friends and family - no matter how well you know each other - can't replace a professional.”

Sara from Bern

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"I can't save the whole world, but I can help rebuild small worlds."

Timur Steffen Maurer

+10 years of practical experience


"My passion is to inspire people to discover their full potential in order to live without fear, carefree and happy."

Martina Holzach

3-10 years of practical experience


"Coaching is a journey together, where you hold the map and I am there for you and support you with my knowledge."

Mignon Burkhart

+10 years of practical experience

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The benefits of psychological coaching for you and your life path.

Improve your communication skills

Improve your communication skills

Improved communication can help you have more harmonious relationships. Learn to talk about your own needs and feelings in order to resolve misunderstandings and conflicts in a constructive way.

See and break new ground

See and break new ground

Are you facing an almost unsolvable challenge? A psychologist can help you gain new perspectives, overcome obstacles and lead a self-determined life.

Learn to deal with change

Learn to deal with change

Psychological coaching offers you a structured framework in which you learn to adapt to new situations and develop positive strategies for coping with change.

Trust your inner compass

Trust your inner compass

Our psychologists support you in gaining clarity about your personal values and goals. They help you to make decisions that are in line with these.

Self-reflection and further development

Self-reflection and further development

Our psychologists will help you gain valuable insights into your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. You will learn to recognise patterns and initiate targeted changes that will lead to a more fulfilling life.

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Psychological coaching is when a psychologist helps you realise your potential, overcome challenges and achieve your goals more effectively.

Psychological coaching at Aepsy can take place both on-site and online and offers a framework for self-reflection, personal growth and professional development.

The goal of psychological coaching is to help you progress in your personal development or to support you with a specific issue. Our psychologists support you online or on site with personal or professional challenges and help you to overcome them.

In contrast to therapy, psychological coaching focuses on solving a specific problem or crisis situation. The duration of psychological coaching is usually shorter and ends when a challenge has been overcome or becomes less important in your life.

"Coaching" is not a legally protected term in Switzerland. This means that, in theory, anyone can call themselves a coach without having to provide proof of specific qualifications or certifications. In contrast, training to become a psychotherapist is regulated by law and requires a clearly defined training path.

In this context, Aepsy offers a significant advantage: our platform guarantees that qualified psychologists are offering all our services. So you can be sure that a qualified expert will support you, regardless of whether it is psychological coaching or therapy.

Which type of support is right for you heavily depends on your current situation and issue, and the goal you want to achieve through professional support. During a conversation with the psychologist, you can clarify together which form of support is appropriate.

Psychological coaching is proved to be helpful in a variety of situations. It does not only focus on overcoming problems, but can also be used in a preventive way to promote your well-being and help with your mental challenges.

Through psychological coaching, you learn to communicate more effectively, resolve conflicts and develop resilience, which protects against mental exhaustion and burnout. It also provides space for self-reflection and self-development and helps to create awareness of emotional patterns and thought processes.

Online psychological coaching offers a flexible, accessible and convenient way to receive psychological counseling. One of the greatest strengths of online coaching is that it gives you access to a wide network of qualified psychologists from all over Switzerland. This expands your choices and allows you to speak to a psychologist who is the best match for you, even if you are not in the same location.

Another great advantage of online coaching is that you can conduct individual sessions from the comfort of your own home. This creates an environment that allows you to open up better and benefit from psychological coaching.

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