Healthy employees, not simply less sick

  • Psychologists for mental health at the touch of a button
  • 24h access for employees to self-help content
  • Smartphone app or simply via the desktop
  • Easy to set up and implement for OHM and HR teams
  • Anonymized insights relevant to time and content

Times are changing

The mind has replaced the muscle as the driving force. Today, successful employers take responsibility and care about the mental health of their employees

They remain successful because they mentally release their workforce. Because the true growth potential is in the minds and hearts of the people behind the job. We help with this.


On investing in mental health

For every CHF 1 invested in employee mental health, there is an average return of CHF 4.


Productivity loss per employee per year

Two months of productivity per employee are lost yearly due to a lack of action.


In costs per year for Swiss companies

The consequences of employees with mental challenges cost companies CHF 10 billion per year.

Comprehensive solution for individual support

Mental health in the digital age

Psychologists that fit

Employees are matched with suitable psychologists via a matching algorithm. Anytime, neutral and trustworthy.

Chat, online or on-site

Whether over lunch or from home. By chat, in person, or via videotelephony, with certified psychologists who fit. Support that adapts to the individual, not the other way around.

Self-help Exercises

Employees can educate themselves on topics such as stress, sleep, anxiety, etc., using psychological reading content and therapeutic self-help exercises.

Simple & effective set up

Without unnecessary hassle for OHM & HR teams, the workforce quickly gains access to important resources and personal support.

Why it's worth it?

Measures to promote mental well-being in the workplace also pay off financially. Fewer absences, higher productivity, and less fluctuation.

Fewer absences

Prevention is the most effective tool for reducing long-term absences due to illness.

Higher productivity

Fewer overworked, unfocused, and demotivated employees in the workplace.

Less fluctuation

Personalized support also works in recruiting and retaining the best employees.

Way to the platform

In three simple steps to more information and the realization of collaboration.



We will show you the details of our platform on an informal video call


Suitability test

Together we evaluate the possibilities and needs for a future partnership


Access to the platform for employees

Simple, uncomplicated, and immediately available

“Now, more than ever, mental wellness pays off in the workplace”

Deloitte, The ROI in workplace mental health programs, 2019

High-quality support for employees

We refer 🇨🇭 psychotherapists and psychologists with years of practical experience. All of them are personally interviewed and tested. All of them are experts on the mind and simply people you would like to talk to.


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