More self-determination as an alternative to the conventional path

More self-determination for independent clinical psychologists and psychotherapists.


Early support, instead of late intervention

The earlier psychological support happens, the better. For clients, for psychologists and for the whole system.


There's no need for a diagnosis to get right support

We support all those who take preventive care of their psyche and therefore at at self-payers with and without supplementary insurance.


The most important thing: the relationship with the client

The relationship between client and psychologist is the most important factor. Our matching process starts there and provides ongoing support in the relationship work.

More self determination through early intervention

AepsyAepsyWork with mandatory health insurance
Quick access to psychological support for clients
Early intervention to prevent illness onset
Doctor's order optional
No reporting
Own fee determination
Advance payment by client
Simplified settlement without obligation to declare to the insurance company
Main income as self-employed psychologist
Coverage insurance without ZSR number
Self-determined client management without dependence on ordering physicians

"With Aepsy I determine my value and thus experience the true meaning of freedom in my independence"

Romina Reginold, federally recognized psychotherapist and Aepsy Expert

Take off with Aepsy and experience success

~1 day

On average you will receive your first intro call with a client within 1 day.

We refer many new clients every day who need quick and simple psychological support.


95% is the average satisfaction rating of our clients.

Thanks to quality matching, clients are brought together with the appropriate psychologists and therapists, thus promoting the relationship work from the very beginning.

1 month

On average it takes 1 month to earn your first four figures at Aepsy

With the right prerequisites and our team, we actively support you in your start into self-employment.

Community of trust with +150 psychologists & psychotherapists

The largest community of hand-picked and federally recognized psychologists and psychotherapists in Switzerland. Exchange information regularly and benefit from intervision and the know-how of your colleagues.

Open questions that accompany you on your way to independence

How can Aepsy support me in my self-employment?

From the first steps into your self-employment, to the question of the ZSR number: We are fully there for you and support you in building your self-employment.

Do I need a ZSR number?

Get important information to make the right decision for you.

Are my clients covered by supplemental insurance?

Since the injunction model went into effect, there has been uncertainty about coverage for psychological support. We bring clarity.

This way you become part of Aepsy and a community of like-minded people. and a community of like-minded people

As a psychologist

Free to set up your own business, independent of location, and still without the title of therapist? Some people are waiting for your psychological coaching.

Master in psychology
Min. two years of practical experience
Independent billing
Membership association advantageous
Personal conversation with Aepsy

As a psychotherapist

Independent, without admin, accompany self-determined clients therapeutically? We help you on your way - from A to Z. Learn more now

Specialist title federal psychotherapist
Professional license
Independent billing
Membership association advantageous
Personal conversation with Aepsy

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