Your way to independence

In 5 steps to self-employment: From the first applications to the question of the ZSR number - Aepsy is there for you and supports you in building your self-employment.


Apply for a professional license


In order to work independently as a psychotherapist, you must apply for a professional license from your canton.

Registration with professional associations (e.g. FSP, SBAP etc.)


Recognition of the specialist title from ASP, FSP or SBAP is a prerequisite for applying for a professional license in the Canton of Zurich.

Do I need a ZSR number?

Get important information to make the right decision for you.


Decision on legal form

Psychologists who run a psychological or psychotherapeutic practice as sole proprietors usually establish a sole proprietorship. This legal form is often chosen in the first phase, because the formalities are simple and inexpensive.


Registration of self-employment with the compensation office

As a self-employed person, you must join a compensation fund in order to pay contributions to the 1st pillar (AHV, IV, EO). Registration takes place at the cantonal compensation office at the place of work.

Commercial registry

Entry in the commercial registry is only mandatory for the following legal forms: GmbH, AG, cooperatives, foundations and general partnerships. For sole proprietorships, the entry is voluntary. However, if the turnover exceeds CHF 100,000.00 per year, the entry in the commercial register is also mandatory for sole proprietorships.


Conclusion of professional liability and legal protection insurance

Professional liability insurance protects against a loss of assets that may arise due to claims for damages by third parties in connection with the practice of the profession.


Social security

Pension insurance is intended to help the insured person and the entitled dependents cope with the permanent loss of income in old age, as a result of disability or in the event of death.

How to become part of Aepsy and a community of like-minded people

As a psychologist

Free to set up your own business, independent of location, and still without the title of therapist? Some people are waiting for your psychological coaching.

Master in psychology
Min. two years of practical experience
Independent billing
Membership association advantageous
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As a psychotherapist

Independent, without admin, accompany self-determined clients therapeutically? We help you on your way - from A to Z. Learn more now

Specialist title federal psychotherapist
Professional license
Independent billing
Membership association advantageous
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