Mental health for all


People suffer from mental challenges

One-third of the adult population suffers from mental distress or illness within a year.


of those affected get the right support

Two-thirds do not seek help. Because of stigma, lack of access, or too high costs.


Swiss psychologists and therapists

Despite a large number of highly trained psychotherapists and psychologists.

Some people act as if mental challenges have something to do with weakness

However, it's weak to think that way. Because it affects everyone, and that's just the way life is.

Mental well-being is just as important as physical health. Taking care of it should be just as normal.

The best for your mind

Three reasons why psychological support for mental stress can be the right thing to do:


Scientifically proven*

The right psychological support increases well-being, reduces discomfort, decreases the risk of relapse, and is an effective self-help tool.

Lipsey, M. W., & Wilson, D. B. (1993). The efficacy of psychological, educational, and behavioral treatment: confirmation from meta-analysis. American Psychologist, 48, 1181--1209.


Specialized in the mind

Psychologists spend years studying the human mind and, in their training as psychotherapists, learn effective tools to help with severe stress.


The most human of all medicine

Society, biology, and the mind influence mental health. Psychological experts grasp the complexity, understand the problems, and provide sustainable healing.

From matching to payment. Here's how it works.



Compare & find psychologists who might be a good fit


Book free intros

Book (multiple) 10min intro call(s)


Choose a psychologist that fits

Decide who suits you and start the sessions


Book, pay & bill online

Simply pay via Twint/credit card before going online and submit the receipts to the supplemental insurance (if coverage is available)

From matching to payment.

Here's how it works.

Expertise and character

Psychologists and therapists are interviewed and selected.

Treatment method

Psychologists & therapists offer coaching and therapy.

Circumstances and symptoms

Impacts and manifestations of mental stress.

Quantitative quality aspects

Key figures on historical fit and quality.


Contact points within a few days.

Online or on-site

Optional from home or in a doctor's office (psychotherapy only).

Prices that adapt to the rhythm of life

Before session-by-session payment

Psy. Coaching starting at CHF69
Therapy starting at CHF150

Unlimited number of free intros
No subscription obligations
Pay sessions upfront with Twint/credit card
Flexible rebooking (up to 24h)
Partial coverage supplementary insurance

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