Referral of clients

Self-pay, proactive, preventive, online, and on-site

No bills, no admin

No reminders, no admin, everything at the touch of a button

Matching for the relationship

Matching process with a focus on the relationship factor

Managing the capacity

Determine if more/fewer appointments are possible

Part of the largest community 🇨🇭

Intervision or Meetups, always among your peers

Secure digital environment

Video calls or chat, all securely from one single source

0,00 Fixed costs, zero stress

Designed for self-employed psy. entrepreneurs

It needs you today, more than ever. It is, therefore, time that you get what you deserve:

More time for the people behind the workload, more self-determination, and more recognition. More freedom with less paternalism. That is why we are here.

We clear the way. You follow your calling.

For everybody in this country.

Among your peers. Community of trust with 150+ psychologists & therapists.

"Aepsy hat mir innerhalb kürzester Zeit Klient:innen vermittelt, die zu meinem therapeutischen Angebot passen und mir dadurch den Schritt in die Selbstständigkeit erleichtert. Ich empfehle Aepsy auch aufgrund des innovativen und professionellen Auftritts."

– Raffael Berchtold, Eidg. anerkannter Psychotherapeut

"Dank Aepsy konnte ich erfolgreich in meine Selbstständigkeit starten und habe mehr Zeit für meine Klient:innen."

– Flurina Tennison, Eidg. anerkannte Psychotherapeutin

"Aepsy finde ich super. Ich kann meine Auslastung selber steuern - bei freien Kapazitäten aber auch wenn ich ausgebucht bin. Das Team bei Aepsy geht engagiert auf die Bedüfrnisse der Therapeut:innen ein und entwickelt sich stetig weiter."

– Patrik Gugger, Eidg. anerkannter Psychotherapeut

"Dank Aepsy muss ich mich nicht um Vermittlungen, Webseite und Combox-Nachrichten kümmern, sondern habe mehr Zeit für meine Klient:innen."

– Dominique Ledermann-Huber, Eidg. anerkannter Psychotherapeut

What your colleagues say about Aepsy

Your time with clients. We take care of the rest.

Suitable clients

Aepsy brings you together with clients who fit your work, expertise, and person. In other words, people with challenges choose precisely you. As a self-payer, via supplementary insurance, online or on-site.

Managing capacity

Are you suddenly fully booked, or do you need a break? You can control the number of referrals with the push of a button. Your personal phone number or e-mail address is not online. So you can really focus on your work.

No admin, more time

No billing hassle, no reminders, no other admin, no unnecessary hassles. This leaves you more time for what is important to you. Your clients and your life.

No longer alone

The largest community of freelance psychologists and psychotherapists is waiting for you. Intervision, Meet&Greets, community chats for your questions, and much more. By your side when you need it.

Why Aepsy suits you

Among your peers

Developed with and for psychologists and psychotherapists. The only platform of its kind specializing in psychology and mental health.

Quality not quantity

We conduct personal interviews with all psychologists. Quality is important to us because, besides you, clients deserve only the best.

You keep control

Your appointment calendar and your private contact details are not online. It is not booked directly but mediated via a short info call. So you have everything under control.

Independent, flexible & free

Your pricing, your hours, your style. With us, there are no restrictions on how you want to shape your self-employment.

All-in-One. Safe and simple from a single source.

Client acquisition

Personal profile page

Online payment function

Direct Bookings

Online appointments/on-site

Secure chat messages

Secure video calls

Automatic insurance vouchers

Appointment reminders

Mobile app for on the go

Community Features

Swiss data protection

No fixed costs. Everything included

A prize made for the self-employed

Success means growing together

No set-up fee
No fixed subscription costs
No contract term
No risk. Pay when it works.

Become a member now. In just a few steps, you're off.


Online registration

Answer a few questions easily and automatically online


Appointment booking

Book a no-obligation video call with Aepsy via the confirmation mail


Informal conversation

Get to know us, our values, the platform, and prices on the video call


Confirmation of admission

We check all requirements and criteria and confirm the admission


Go Live

Together we will complete all profile information and unlock you


Part of the community

After the trial month, you will meet the community leader and join the community

How to become part of Aepsy and a community of like-minded people

As a psychologist

Free to set up your own business, independent of location, and still without the title of therapist? Some people are waiting for your psychological coaching.

Master in psychology
Min. two years of practical experience
Independent billing
Membership association advantageous
Personal conversation with Aepsy

As a psychotherapist

Independent, without admin, accompany self-determined clients therapeutically? We help you on your way - from A to Z. Learn more now

Specialist title federal psychotherapist
Professional license
Independent billing
Membership association advantageous
Personal conversation with Aepsy

Any questions? We listen and answer

Aepsy acts as a mediator. The pricing is left to the psychologist(s). We follow the recommendations of the industry association

The best way is to send us a request via the website. We will contact you within 24 hours (non-binding request here on the site),

We follow a specially developed selection procedure and recruit primarily through recommendations. However, if you meet the following requirements, we will be happy to consider your request:

  • A degree in psychology recognized in Switzerland
  • PsyKo recognized further education title
  • Cantonal license to practice (only for psychotherapists)
  • Membership of the professional associations FSP, SBAP or ASP (an advantage)
  • Two years of practical professional experience

First and foremost, we help people access the right support quickly. The pricing policy is based on a harmony of goals and incentives for all parties involved. There are no fixed costs or long-term contractual obligations for you.

Since we are a curated platform, have our own technological way of working and this is related to pricing, we are happy to share more information on the non-binding video phone (non-binding request here on the page),

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