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The human being in the center

We don't build rockets to Mars and probably won't save the planet. However, we believe that everyone carries a universe in their heart that bathes the outside world in gray or bright colors. Thus, every person, every day, has the opportunity to create his or her world and to experience it anew. If we find access to ourselves, fall turns into spring and rain into sunshine. And because a fulfilled life is also contagious for others, perhaps the world as a whole will be better in the end. Our team initiates this process daily, person by person, and with all our hearts.

Nicolas Egger

Story, strategy, partnerships

Romina Reginold

Psychotherapy, Community

Adonis Bou Chakra

Product, Design, Community

Han Phan

Software development

Hiep Doan

Technology, security, development

Siroon Hirzel

Marketing, communication, partnerships

Sarah Jordi

Story, Content

Marie-Laure Arnoux

Psychotherapy, quality, product

Son Nguyen

Software development

Our plan

A new generation is shaping the hierarchy of values in our society, and new technologies enable more people to receive effective treatment. Companies worldwide take more responsibility for their employees and customers (2020).
Three steps to mental health for all:


Individuals gain access to mental health:

When anyone and everyone can get the proper support at any time, affordably and without stigma, we start a movement: People are healthier, share their experiences, and have the opportunity to make their lives better for themselves and others. People are demanding more access and talking about it.


The system with its institutions moves with it:

Companies are redesigning work processes and assuming costs for mental stress. Insurance companies are transforming themselves from health insurance companies to health insurers. Legislators and investors are opening the gates to more innovation because it works.


Values change, and society changes with them:

Mental health is no longer a burden but part of a healthy, fulfilling life. People recognize the signs behind the burden and use the new opportunities to help themselves and others. Quite naturally, without fear.

Founding history

The founders became active through formative experiences. The attempt to help loved ones in their own environment failed. What remained were questions: Why is it so difficult to get the right help? Why don't insurance companies pay more? Why don't companies take more responsibility? Why isn't anyone talking about it?

In early 2020, the first work began. Today, Aepsy helps thousands of clients in Switzerland get the right help, stigma-free and quickly, through hundreds of affiliated psychologists. Until every person in the country receives the support, he or she needs. At the push of a button.

Open positions & career

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