Psychological support at the touch of a button

  • Handpicked psychologists with counseling experience
  • Already starting CHF 69.-/session - incl. getting to know each other for free
  • Via chat, phone, or video call

In 5 clicks to your personal match

Handpicked psychologists

We work with certified Swiss psychotherapists with years of practical experience.

Suitable for your needs

Answer a few questions about your needs, and we will present you with a suitable selection.

Get to know for free, then book

Compare psychologists and book 10-minute intro calls to find out if they are a good fit for you.

Uncomplicated and from a single source

Everything from matching to the selection to billing the insurance company comes from a single source.

“My psychologist helped me to get to know myself better. Alone or with friends, I would never have come so far, so quickly.”

- Silvia, 30, project manager from Zurich

“I didn't know I could get support so easily”

“It has changed me and my relationships for the better!”

“It was great that I could also talk to my psychologist on Saturdays”

“Thank you for existing!”

"I would like to support you in recognizing and using your personal resources in challenging situations."

Dr. Karin Hammerfald

+10 years of practical experience

"The beauty of my job is seeing the changes people are capable of."

Romina Reginold

3-10 years practical experience

"My passion is to inspire people to discover their full potential to live fearlessly, carefree and happy."

Martina Holzach

3-10 years practical experience

Selected psychologists who are there for you.

For the right support on your life path.

Experts for your mind

This is how it works

Book psychologists for your online coaching sessions in just a few steps.

1. Share your needs

Quality is the key: we present hand-picked psychologists who fit your needs.

2. Choose the right psychologist

Compare your personal choice of psychologists, check availability, and choose who suits you.

3. Book free intro calls

Book free 10min intro calls to get to know the psychologists and make an appointment together.

4. Simply pay online

Pay easily and directly online - for full transparency and cost control.
Prices that adapt to the rhythm of life

Before session-by-session payment

Psy. Coaching starting at CHF69
Therapy starting at CHF150

Unlimited number of free intros
No subscription obligations
Pay sessions upfront with Twint/credit card
Flexible rebooking (up to 24h)
Partial coverage supplementary insurance

Advantages of psychological coaching?

Three reasons why online psychological counseling is useful

It works! ☝🏻

Scientific evidence shows that psychological counseling can be highly effective for treating mental distress.

From everywhere

The expertise of the whole of Switzerland is open to you. No matter where you live or what topics are at stake. Get support when you need it, not just when it suits others.

100% flexible 💥

Decide with your psychological coach how many sessions you want and need. Whether it's one session, several per week, via video call or chat. You choose what fits.


Your Concerns are Private

Conversations only take place encrypted in the personal profile.

Encrypted chat, audio, and video calls
Leave us anytime; easily and safely

Private and Secure. Encrypted and developed in Switzerland 🇨🇭


The first session lasts 30 minutes and starts at CHF 69. After that, the following durations can be agreed upon with the psychologists:

  • 30 minutes from CHF 69.-
  • 60 minutes from CHF 138.-
  • 90 minutes from CHF 207.-

Although coaching is done by trained psychologists or even psychotherapists, you pay less. Here are the reasons why coaching at Aepsy is less expensive:

  • Tends to be less intensive
  • Often of shorter duration
  • Can also be done online only, which leads to
  • Less costs for rent, travel and billing

Psychological coaching tends to focus on more situational challenges, such as a crisis in a relationship or stress at work. Usually, a few sessions are enough to get valuable tips.

The coaching sessions are also conducted by trained psychologists, who can also refer you to a therapist if it seems more appropriate.

However, psychological coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapy. In case of strong, extensive stress, you should rather refer to a psychotherapy.

The Aepsy system can help you choose: Find Expert:in Now

You share some details about your concerns with your psychological coach before booking. He / she can thus already prepare for the joint meeting:

  • Reference to the personal concern.

  • Possible definition of the common goal.

  • First tips and assistance

  • Determination of follow-up appointments, if desired.

    • The following times are possible thereafter:
    • 30 minutes from CHF 69.-
    • 60 minutes from CHF 138.-
    • 90 minutes from CHF 207.-

*Chat (live or time-shifted), video or audio call,

  1. Click on Get started now
  2. answer some standard questions
  3. Choose a psychologist.
  4. choose between:
    1. free intro (approx. 10min)
    2. 30min initial online consultation (from CHF 69.-)
    3. message to the psychologist
  5. choose a suitable time.
  6. share your request
  7. simply pay online.
  8. you will be linked to your psychological coach in your profile.
  9. Start your coaching at the agreed time

We distinguish between two options:

Live Chat

  • You make an appointment with a coach at a certain time.
  • In your profile you will find the private chat
  • At the appointed time your coach logs in to the chat
  • You talk to each other via chat during the session

Chat (asychronously, not possible for first session)

  • After the first session you agree to continue via chat
  • Together you decide time frame and *number of messages

example: 1- 2 messages / week will be answered, 24h response time, 30min effort

  • In your profile you will find the private chat
  • If you have any questions, just consult your psychological coach
  • He / she answers you within the set frame (see example above)
  • Pay, after you have chosen your suitable psychological coach.
  • The payment is one-time and without any follow-up costs or obligations.
  • All credit cards and TWINT are accepted
  • For the selection you do not need a user account yet.
  • When booking a profile will be created for you
  • In this profile you will find your private chat and the link to the shared session.
  • Personal data will be treated confidentially and stored on servers in Zurich
  • Messages are only transmitted in encrypted form

For further information please see our Privacy Policy.

In principle not, because psychological coaching is not a treatment with disease value. **Psychological coaching is aimed at people without a diagnosed psychological stress disorder.

Aepsy has some exclusive partnerships that offer selective reductions.

You can also find out how the system for paying for psychotherapy in Switzerland works here: Delegated psychotherapy vs. independent psychotherapy

Do you often feel very stressed? Do not turn to online psychological coaches, but consult a psychotherapist: Choose a therapist now

There are moments in life when certain challenges increase in such a way that it affects your mental well-being. Then it is simply good to talk about it with an expert. In the course of psychological counseling/coaching, one receives valuable assistance for the current challenge. These are worked out together and have a lasting effect on self-help.

The benefits of psychological support are nowadays scientifically proven:

  • Sustainable help for self-help**.
  • Increase in well-being
  • Decrease in stress
  • Enhancement of personal and social competence
  • Improved coping with stressors

Psychological coaches are psychologists or psychotherapists trained by Aepsy. A psychological coach sees himself as a kind of process facilitator. The clients are helped to find the right solutions for them and to acquire skills. Thus, there is a strong focus on promoting self-reflection and self-awareness, building on the client's resources and competencies.

The four main characteristics of psycholgical coaching:

  • Solution Oriented: Focus achievement of future goals rather than past experiences
  • Client-Centered: Reliance on inner resources and abilities
  • Systemic: Holistic and holistic view of the individual situation
  • Action-oriented: Striving for transformational change
  • Psychologists have a university degree in psychology and hold the title of psychologist. They are concerned with describing, explaining, predicting, and changing human and behavior.
  • Psychotherapists are psychologists who, in addition to their studies, have completed specialized psychotherapeutic training. They are qualified to treat people with mental illness and mental suffering.
  • Psychiatrists, on the other hand, have completed a medical degree, followed by a residency and additional psychotherapeutic training. They are authorized to prescribe medication,

Psychological coaching.

  • Aimed at people who do not have chronic challenges.
  • Acute challenges are in the foreground

Psychological coaching

  • Generally focused on life crises and severe psychological distress.
  • Pathological (pathological) and clinically relevant stresses are treated (e.g., depression)

1: Psychological coaching

  • More situational challenges in life.
  • Not for chronic mental illnesses
  • Tends to be goal and solution oriented.
  • with psychologists (or psychotherapists)

2: Psychotherapy

  • Tends to be holistic, comprehensive and not situational.
  • Also oriented towards severe stress.
  • Rather medium- to long-term
  • With psychotherapist (is clearly regulated by law and goes beyond psychologist training).

Do you often feel very stressed or have you already had a clinical diagnosis? Consult a psychotherapist: Find therapist now

Coaching or therapy?

Psychological coaching

starting at CHF 69/30min

  • First consultation CHF 69.- (30 min) afterward optionally longer
  • Rather situational challenges in life
  • Not for chronic mental illness
  • Tends to be goal- and solution-oriented
  • With psychologists/psychotherapists
  • Online (chat, audio/video call)


starting at CHF 170.-/h

  • Rather holistic and comprehensive
  • Also designed for heavy burdens
  • Rather medium- to long-term
  • Only with psychotherapists
  • Online and/or in office

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