Registration and cancellation policies

Last updated 04/11/2023

Registration Policy

The quality of the platform and the community has the highest priority at Aepsy. To meet these demands, a special selection process has been developed and certain standards have been set. For the registration on the platform psychological providers are therefore checked for different admission criteria.

  1. Aepsy requires the fulfillment of the respective educational requirements for the provision of psychological services according to national standards.
  2. Aepsy requires relevant practical experience in the field of psychology in order to guarantee adequate expertise and competence in working with clients.
  3. membership in a professional association (e.g. FSP, SBAP or ASP etc.) is an advantage. Even if not required, the presence of membership is considered by Aepsy as a positive indicator of the quality of psychological providers.
  4. Aepsy additionally requires the fulfillment of further criteria, which have been established by law in Switzerland or are intended to prevent potential misuse of the platform.

In order to verify the fulfillment of these criteria, Aepsy reserves the right to request the upload of various documents, certificates and confirmations. Among them the following:

  • The confirmation or diploma of the highest recognized title (e.g. MSc in psychology, advanced training in psychotherapy, etc.). If psychological providers would like to offer psychotherapeutic services on the platform, a professional license recognized in Switzerland can be uploaded for verification instead of the highest recognized title.
  • The curriculum vitae for verification of work experience, further school education or other relevant experience.
  • The criminal record extract, whereby this must not be older than 3 months at the time of upload. For psychotherapists who have uploaded their professional license, the submission of the criminal record extract is optional, as it is already requested in the process of obtaining the license.
  • The official confirmation of self-employment (e.g. via SVA) for psychological providers with annual earnings via the Aepsy platform of more than CHF 2300. This confirmation clarifies the role of the Aepsy Platform as an intermediary. Aepsy does not act as an employer of psychological providers in any respect.

Cancellation Policy

  • There is no notice period for the agreement between psychological providers and Aepsy. This means that the agreement between a psychological provider and Aepsy can be terminated at any time by either party at the end of the respective month.
  • Psychological providers can request the deletion of their profile at any time. Aepsy will comply with this request after a reasonable transition period to handle open inquiries and/or client relationships. Aepsy reserves the right to reuse anonymized metadata to improve the platform.
  • Aepsy requires strict adherence to the agreed upon sessions with clients. In case of non-observance of the appointments, the account of the psychological provider can be permanently blocked without compensation consequences, even before an official termination.

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