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We work with certified Swiss psychotherapists with years of practical experience.

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Answer a few questions about your needs, and we will present you with a suitable selection.

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Compare psychologists and book 10-minute intro calls to find out if they are a good fit for you.

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Everything from matching to the selection to billing the insurance company comes from a single source.

“My psychologist helped me to get to know myself better. Alone or with friends, I would never have come so far, so quickly.”

- Silvia, 30, project manager from Zurich

“I didn't know I could get support so easily”

“It has changed me and my relationships for the better!”

“It was great that I could also talk to my psychologist on Saturdays”

“Thank you for existing!”

"There are two sides to every coin - I see the art of self-acceptance in recognizing the strengths in one's weaknesses."

Manuela Wingeier

3-10 years of practical experience - Federally qualified psychotherapist

"I accompany people in phases of psychological stress and in challenging life situations, in dealing with inner conflicts, missing feelings and resources."

Pauline Müller-Debus

+10 years of practical experience - Federally qualified psychotherapist

"It is important to me that you are perceived with everything and that we work towards you being able to continue to shape your life path well."

Annette Füglister

+10 years of practical experience - Federally qualified psychotherapist

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Quality is the key: we present hand-picked psychologists who fit your needs.

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Book free 10min intro calls to get to know the psychologists and make an appointment together.

4. Simply pay online

Pay easily and directly online - for full transparency and cost control.
Prices that adapt to the rhythm of life

Before session-by-session payment

Psy. Coaching starting at CHF 69
Therapy starting at CHF 150

Unlimited number of free intros
No subscription obligations
Pay sessions upfront with Twint/credit card
Flexible rebooking (up to 24h)
Partial coverage supplementary insurance


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Conversations only take place encrypted in the personal profile.

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Aepsy books you a free 10min intro with the therapists before the therapy starts. Here are the reasons why:

  • You get to know the therapists first before you start therapy.
  • Time slots for the intros are rashly available even if the therapist is busy
  • Problems are discussed and ensured that the therapy fits.
  • Final appointment setting is done together on the phone
  • Final questions about billing are clarified
  • Advice on whether an in-person meeting or online therapy is a better fit

The design of the 10min intro is left to the therapist:s discretion. Basically, however, the following aspects are discussed:

  • Reference to the personal challenge (e.g. life circumstances).
  • Discussion of the therapist's specialties.
  • Discussion of the procedure.
  • Agreement whether online therapy or an on-site meeting.
  • Questions about cost coverage
  • agreement on the joint appointment
  1. click on Start selection now
  2. answer some questions about your needs
  3. the Aepsy system evaluates suitable therapists
  4. a handpicked selection and the "Aepsy match" is presented
  5. compare the suggested therapists
  6. make a choice and book directly your 10min intro call
  7. get to know therapists and choose who suits you best
  8. pay easily online, session by session, as it suits you

Our therapists offer online counseling and on-site meetings. It is also possible to combine the methods.

  • Online counseling can easily be done from home. The effectiveness of online interventions has been scientifically confirmed.
  • The therapy rooms are listed on the therapist's profile. The desired location can be selected in the previous selection.
  • Combinations are also possible. For example, it is possible to first meet the therapist in person and then conduct conversations online.

Start your selection here: Start selection now



Therapy session:

from CHF 170 / h

Online therapy session:

from CHF 160 / h

  • Aepsy connects independent psychotherapists and acts as an intermediary platform.
  • All therapists follow their own pricing strategies
  • The prices are listed on the profile page of the therapists.

Here you can find the personal profiles of the therapists: Find therapist now

  • Intros are booked / performed free of charge and without specifying the payment method.
  • Follow-up sessions are simly paid online
  • You choose the appropriate therapist(s) and pay for the sessions before.

Currently, payments can be made with all major credit cards as well as TWINT

  • Psychotherapists listed at Aepsy offer places for self-payers / partial coverage supplementary insurance.
  • No diagnosis/doctor's orders are required (model for basic insurance)
  • Cost coverage varies from insurance to insurance
  • The payment takes place online via Aepsy
  • The receipt for the settlement with the supplementary insurance is simply generated as a PDF.

Here you can also find a list of the largest insurances with the respective supplementary insurances including the cost absorption: Übernahme Therapiekosten Zusatzversicherung

Here you can also find out how the system for the assumption of costs for psychotherapy works in Switzerland: Delegated psychotherapy vs. independent psychotherapy

There are no psychotherapies that are covered by the basic insurance (so-called delegated psychotherapy) and require a doctor's order.

  • Aepsy interviews and selects the therapists personally.
  • Psychological psychotherapists who are recognized in Switzerland are placed with us.
  • Therapists are self-employed and have a Swiss professional license.
  • All have several years of practical experience
  • All are part of a Swiss professional association

Learn more about our approach here

Important: If you are in a life-threatening situation or need urgent help, do not use this site. Please contact these institutions immediately: emergency

There are times in life when mental stress increases so much that it is good to talk about it with a therapist. In the course of psychotherapy one receives valuable assistance. These are worked out together with the psychotherapist and have a lasting effect on self-help.

The benefits of psychotherapy are scientifically proven:

  • Sustainable help for self-help
  • Increase of the well-being
  • Decrease of complaints
  • Reduction of the risk of relapse

These are just a few of the clinically significant changes. Further, psychotherapy promotes personal and social skills, increasing psychological resilience and learning to cope better with a wide variety of stressors

The profession of psychotherapists is equal to other expert professions such as lawyers, doctors or engineers. People who are mentally burdened, have a challenge in life or just want to talk to a specialist about their problems are right in a psychotherapy (or psychological coaching).

It takes up to eleven years of training to obtain the protected title of psychotherapist. After a psychology degree, an additional study of several years is added for the specialized title of psychotherapist. Psychotherapists are experts in the human psyche.

On our approach

  • Psychologists have a university degree in psychology. They deal with describing, explaining, predicting and changing human and behavior. This does not necessarily include psychotherapy training.
  • Psychotherapists are psychologists who have completed specialized psychotherapeutic training in addition to their studies. They are qualified to treat people with psychological stress or disease patterns.
  • Psychiatrists, on the other hand, have completed a medical degree, followed by a residency and additional psychotherapeutic training. They are authorized to prescribe medication.

Regardless of the training path, the methods of psychotherapy are applied equally by both psychotherapists and psychiatrists, so treatment is independent of basic psychological or medical training,

Coaching or therapy?

Psychological coaching

starting at CHF 69/30min

  • First consultation CHF 69/30 min afterward optionally longer
  • Rather situational challenges in life
  • Not for chronic mental illness
  • Tends to be goal- and solution-oriented
  • With psychologists/psychotherapists
  • Online (chat, audio/video call)


starting at CHF 170/h

  • Rather holistic and comprehensive
  • Also designed for heavy burdens
  • Rather medium- to long-term
  • Only with psychotherapists
  • Online and/or in office

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